Change of Plans

We were to travel down to Co. Clare today- to visit friends of ours and to stay with my sister in law… after waxing lyrical over the past few days about how spring has sprung, today dawned like this:

and progressively got worse throughout the day:

(note the header image at the top of the blog)

So despite a morning of baking apple buns:

we had to cancel, and stay at home, change our plans and eat the buns…(which wasn’t so bad- the eating the buns bit)

Facing a day with nothing organised I decided to make some seaweed seasoning-

(aren’t the colours fantastic? I’m going to use this combination in the painting I’m working on)

I have bags of seaweed from Seaveg, and so dried them out in the oven for about 5 minutes them crushed them (the ones we didn’t eat that is- when baked they turn into delicious salty crisps)

Then our little ones spooned up the dried, crushed seaweed into a jar which we sprinkled a short while later on delicious chicken wraps!