Look what arrived in the post!

Every Christmas we leave the present giving for our children to Santa Claus, and Fergal and I give them books

(left, in the great family tradition, at the end of their beds to read in the morning before we go down to open presents)


So I was delighted to find these gorgeous bookplates from the uber (sorry, can’t find the umlaut key 🙁  -oh, hold on…no…. I googled it there, and still, no umlaut) ANYWAY! from the uber talented Berlin-based illustrator Julia Freund a.k.a. Lineanograta. Please do have a look around her shop (I’d welcome any of her prints on my walls, hint hint) I love LOVE LOVE her illustrations, and am so delighted to have these bookplates with this very cute fox on them…

(before we had a dog (and chickens), this fox used to come up to our backdoor, bang on it and wait a few feet away for food! He tried to eat the food we left out for the hedgehog, but that never ended well….for him. Our boys still talk about that fox, and often when we are going for a walk down the boreen we get “scent of the fox”)

Julia also added in a few more goodies, like those postcards and a bookmark, which I am so looking forward to using!

Thanks Julia! X