Getting Back On Track

We are slowly moving our art and craft materials from the house back into the studio… It’s been a loooonnnnng process, and I am really wondering 

a- where did we fit it all in the house?

b- why doesn’t the house look empty???

I stand at the door of the studio and think: (and frequently shriek) “Oh my goodness, look the the amount of “stuff” we have amassed over the years!!” (Fergal is also an artist and despite all his protests, is as much of a hoarder as me)

I have had practically no time this week-it has been non-stop to-ing and fro-ing, so the sorting and cataloguing of this is taking forever (and won’t it be fantastic when we are done?)

But we will get there- shelves are being filled, boxes labelled, paints stored together, material folded, half finished projects are being re-examined…

 ideas are piling up;

excitement and longing to paint, print, craft: is filling this wonderful space!