The Big Decision

Back from my hiatus…

we had our sale over the weekend and are just finishing the packing and labeling for deliveries. We had a really successful weekend (thank you!) and have cleared much of our toy stock. 


Two weeks ago we came to the very difficult decision that we were going to “wrap up” the toy end of things- I simply didn’t have the time, and I didn’t really want to have a “shop” (bricks and mortar) anymore (Our shop was housed in the little log cabin we had built as an art studio a couple of years ago) I wanted and needed a creative space back!! And I want to concentrate on the “handmade” side, the one-offs, the unique and different.

Maybe it’s Autumn, with all its contraction… or maybe I’m mentally winding down as we head into winter… or both…

But as soon as we had made the decision I felt a lovely sense of peace. It felt right.  We are so excited about all the possibilities, and having the space to organise our studio into a working studio again,

(note the shelves groaning with the weight of sketchbooks, paintings, art books…

…soon to be organised beautifully on all the empty shelves!!!)

work on our Sketchbook Project (Fergal and I are both taking part- he’s waaaaay ahead of me!!) and concentrate on printing,




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