New work & Work In Progress

Some work in progress….


and some finished work: (The jury is out as to whether the shell is wierd or not- what do you think?)

and some tags which I have just listed in my etsy– The wonderful John in Pixelcode is working out a new shopping cart system so that I can list things in our Nest shop and offer free or very low postage for things like tags… this will be implemented in the next few days and I’ll list them there then…

(These Tags are coffee dyed, vanilla scented, cut, punched, strung, scripted and decorated by Yours Truly)

They can be used in so many ways: from decorating a present, using in scrapbooking or attached to the front of a card.
I am nothing if not industrious…….

(Edited to add that I’m linking up to Lush Friday! See you over there!)