Lough Key and Dog Dilemma

We came home from Lough Key (Co. Roscommon) on Friday-

the lake had been too choppy to go out on the boat but we cycled and cycled and… cycled… It was wonderful.

The park is beautiful,

(my gorgeous man surveying the suitability for boating (not a positive outcome… 🙁  ))

with interesting things everywhere-

like the Fairy Bridge …

and this bridge…

and these views (I think Bord Failte should be paying me…)

In the evenings we read, painted and drank tea, warm and cosy, while the Wee One slept and our boys read and whispered upstairs

Unfortunately we got back to no dog which prompted tears and trauma from everyone, it was so horrible. Then today, by chance, I popped into the local vets to see if anyone had seen the Little Hairy One. I almost fainted when they said yes and our L.H.O. was returned to us…. oh, the excitement, and more tears… of delight.

Oh, Pebbles, we love you!!!