Waldorf Dolls ‘n’ Weddings

My youngest sister is getting married in 2 weeks time, so I’ve been up in my parents beautiful home for the past few days fitting dresses and talking weddings.

Needless to say my production rate hasn’t been quite what it usually is…!

(Not that I’ve been lying on the couch watching TV, eating cake…


So once again, I come to Lush Friday with a project in the making… 

There’s no point in telling you about all the “bits” of paintings I’m working on, none of which I photographed, but I can show you part of a doll that I’m making for Grace’s second birthday in a week and a half.

This is a Waldorf style doll- I’ve made around ten of these over the past two years, and I LOVE watching the little faces appear, stuffing the bodies, making little nappies (diapers) for them. I have a fantastic book by Maricristan Sealey: Making Waldorf Dolls, and have trawled the internet to find a complete tutorial (with lots of photographs) on making a doll, but haven’t found one comprehensive enough. The first tutorial was from a blog (now finished :-((, but accessible) called Echoes of a Dream, and have since found another Moonchild Studios which did an excellent head tutorial. I’ve been answering my own questions as I’ve gone along through trial and error, so now I’m in the process of documenting and photographing a complete and full tutorial on how to make a doll from beginning to end. 

 This has been my inspiration from before I ever started a doll:

 ” ……a handcrafted doll is one of a kind, an individual which carries the spirit of the maker in its stitches and absorbs the spirit of the child who loves it”

…which I think has to be inspiring in itself.

Waldorf dolls are fantastically easy to make, and can be adapted to use whatever materials you have on hand. We are going to be stocking much of what will be required- needles, wool etc in the coming weeks, and I’m sure you will see plenty more of these dolls in the coming Fridays!!!