Un-meatball Heaven

I just have to share this recipe- it is fast becoming my favourite food in the whole world, and I regularly wake up/ go to bed /spend the intervening hours thinking about eating bowls of these. This is my friend Bernadettes recipe, so all credit must be given to her (and resulting adoration on eating these)

(I’d recommend doubling or more this recipe)



(I’m using cups- not as in the American quantity, literally, a tea cup- this is not a precise science!!)

2 cups of breadcrumbs

1 cup of grated cheese

1 cup of walnuts chopped (we are fast using up our stocks of kilos of fresh French walnuts, merci Sophie! But if you find sourcing fresh organically grown walnuts a push, the shelled ones in a packet will do)

1/2 cup of finely chopped onion

1 egg


Fry up the onion in some butter till soft, tip it in with the breadcrumbs and walnuts and cheese, mix well together.

Add beaten egg to bring the mixture together, form into balls and fry until (more) golden.

I make up a delicious simple tomato based sauce (find it here) and eat in the sun with tears of joy in your eyes and your heart singing.