Painting, leaves and Broody hens

Some work happening around here when I’m not making and eating un-meatballs, down at the river with my kiddies or trawling through a phenomenal amount of cases, assignments and research for college (I need to have a moan on a regular basis)

One of the days we were wandering around the garden and I found these gorgeous coloured dock leaves (I have so many of these little jewels pressed within the pages of books- some day I will use them)

I was photographing them, planning future use when my youngest son came along and began to show me how, when you have a few buttercups and herbs you can make a parcel by wrapping up my (lovely, flat) leaf, fold it and crease it to make a parcel.

What artistic, creative children I have!!!!!

And in other news…

One of our friendly brown hens has decided to go broody- we have since moved her because every egg laid was added to her nest, and as much as I hope we have a few chicks, I’m rather precious about my eggs and delighting in having a few every day…

and now that our potatoes are almost ready to be harvested, I’m counting the days til I’ll be eating our own spuds, onions and eggs… *sigh*