New Life

Last weekend, my sister in law, her husband and my two gorgeous nephews came to visit. It won’t come as a surprise I’m sure that we gorged ourselves on all manner of delectable treats: scones with jam and cream, a carrot-and-pineapple-dairy-free cake (simply delicious and fruity, we ate it before I could get pictures… I’ll post the recipe when I get it from my SIL)

a lemon drizzle cake (also delicious, I’ll post the recipe tomorrow) and rum truffles (need I say more?)

Then had dinner (always a good idea to have dessert first, just in case the dinner ruined the ability to pack in the sweet stuff)

After we rolled away from the table, and waddled outside to mind the children in the warm March sunshine, my brother in law let me have a go of his super-dee-dooper camera with ultra zoom lens.

Heaven in a piece of equipment… I could have played with it all day.

I took these pictures of the new life and buds in the garden.

Guess what I’m saving up for??!!