Recipes to Delight and more Paintings

Our Wee One and I did some baking today- we needed some fairy cakes… So we donned our aprons (sadly, not matching) and set about making two dozen fairy cakes and an apple cake, using the recipe below. I find using these quantities allows for sufficient fairy cakes for the little savages and a delicious 9” apple cake for the starving adults.

(One note on fairy cakes- these are old fashioned “buns”, not cupcakes. I’ve decided that I don’t actually like cupcakes: the frosting is waaaaaay too sweet!! These are perfect, sweet little morsels, completely delicious with a pot of tea (or coffee!))

 Recipe for : Very Easy Fairy Cakes and Apple cake

250g of butter (preferably unsalted)

350g caster sugar

350g self raising flour

4 eggs

small amount of milk


Simply blitz the whole lot in a mixer, moistening the mixture with enough milk until it is like softly mashed potato.


I use teaspoons to put a heaped dollop in each bun-case, and get 24.

While these are baking, I add:

1-2 sweet apples, peeled and chopped to the remaining mixture,

and put it into a 9” cake tin, lined with greaseproof paper.


Bake all at 180’ C for approx 15-20 mins.



 And some more artworks that I’ve almost completed.

I have an exhibition next Wednesday, the 24th of March as part of the East Galway Library Art Trail in Ballinasloe library.