Crafting, de-crafting and Crunchy Leaves


PICT0001My little one and I did some crafting recently… yes, you read the clock correctly, and it wasn’t early afternoon when that photo was taken let me tell you….



After being roused from my bed by a teething baby we decided to continue making the corsages and brooches for our shop. I crafted, she de-crafted… Note the scattering of pin backs… labels everywhere…. crochet flung…. ah, yes, we bonded.

PICT0004Almost literally as I had to wrestle the strong adhesive from her steel grip….more than once…


We eventually retired back to bed at around 4.30 (AM!!) and were up again at the usual hour in the morning. I had a crafty plan (pardon the pun!!) to let her run around the garden and between fresh air and exercise she would become ultra-tired and go for a lovely long sleep… I would have a quick nap while I nursed her, and then do lots of all those things you can’t do with a (silent-but-deadly) baby running around. So out to the garden we went…




Stomping through crunchy leaves is so much fun when you are 1… or 101…!





Where ever are those cats???




On the trail of the cats… through the small woods… (a bit of an over-statement there)





Aha! Do we spot something?




Come on Tabby!! You are about to be dragged out from under the fushia!!




A little helping hand to get moving…





Down to Tabbys level for a quick rub…





…and a quick chat….





Okay, enough of that, off we go again…!





A quick spot of pruning… badly needed as you can see…





The last flowers of summer




Thank goodness geraniums are so hardy!!




Autumn leaves are beginning to fall….
The good news is, she slept after all that… whew!!!!
As an adjunct, a friend and Homeopathic colleague of mine, Joan, recently lost her husband, Dave. Dave, a diabetic, was to run the Dublin marathon later this month, and now as a tribute to him, his friends and family are to run it as a relay in his memory. You can read about it here :
Joan, you are an extraordinary woman xxxxx