I have often thought about folding this blog over the past year. Metaphorically folding it up, over and over until it is simply a teeny tiny piece of blogosphere, and leaving it up high somewhere.IMAG2963

But I like it here. I enjoy my (sporadic) blogging, despite seemingly less and less time to think and do the writing and photographing and producing that it requires. And while I have SO MANY ideas and directions for this blog, I’ve come to the realisation that I’d need to be doing this full time to fulfill all those dreams! So, I’ll just keep edging forwards here… Bit by bit 🙂


I don’t make New Years intentions (always feel it’s setting me up for an utter sense of failure), but like to write down directions, or signposts as such, throughout the year, giving me a way to explore: it’s not a once off blast of intention, it’s more of a conscious shove or a well meaning poke along the way. I’m finding my Yogi teas to provide a sound bite of illuminated thinking daily!!! (This is the little tag that is attached to the string of the teabag… The ones I particularly like, I tie onto a string bookmark in my Book of Days. Great to find inspiration in the mundane delights of life 😄)

IMAG3064I’ve been mentally concentrating on painting for the past month, but had to wait until I had finished the 2017 Book of Days mega production, and Christmas, before I could indulge (frantically!!), working on several paintings that have been sitting in a half-done state in my studio for two months. It’s glorious. I’m listening to music and podcasts, headphones on, in my own little world until the wee hours of the morning (or when Anna wakes. A more frequent occurrence recently. I keep telling myself, while trying not to throttle her “it’s only a phase, it’s only a phase”… Doesn’t make it any less frustrating though…)


We are slowly but surely working away on the house. It’s so cosy. We have had the most lovely, peaceful Christmas where we got loads done too, in the house, garden and studio: the best kind of holiday.

IMAG2924 IMAG3013 IMAG3039
And on the home education front, we recently were featured, with two other families, in a national newspaper, talking about our home education journey, processes and lives. It was a really lovely, positive article written by the incredibly talented wordsmith, Andrea Mara (of the award winning, and endlessly brilliant blog “Office Mum“) A link to the article is here. Thanks Andrea!

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