Book of Days 2017 cover detail

The 2017 Book of Days is on its way!

Book of Days 2017 cover

Book of Days 2017 cover in progress

Book of Days 2017 cover 2

Book of Days 2017 cover detail

Illustrations and designs are in full swing for the 2017 Book of Days. I’m hoping to have this in pre-production at the printers by August. The work involved is enormous: scanning in, adjusting, cropping, checking, checking, checking. Then the printing itself, which is a wee bit tricky because of all the different sized pages that fold out and in…; and then the actual manual collating them all together, binding and then finishing. It’s an enormous, time consuming job. It is, as my mother described, “an act of love”. It surely is!!

I’ve also plans in the pipeline for some blank journals and other delectable stationery items!! This planning is very exciting…

Illustration Emily RainsfordI’m always interested in how, seemingly random, unplanned drawings find their way into finished painting or illustrations. I love working in black and white and doodle on everything (I’m very annoying) so I’m trying to corral all those scribbles into a notebook(s) so I can find ideas and inspirations when I actually need them.

Illustration Emily Rainsford

This is the start of another illustration which may end up in the journal, but I never know for sure until I’m completely finished… (Nothing like a little bit of fast living to keep me on my toes).

Book of Days 2017 illustration