Nuk Nuk and the Fairy

And away they marched last week…

After five weeks of fairly intensive work, making, painting, more painting and about twenty layers of varnish, Nuk Nuk and the Fairy (titled: Midnight Rambles) were ready to go: Back to the Jack and Jill Foundation’s “Hares on the March” initiative; awaiting exhibition and hopefully a new home!

This was my design:

news 1

And this was the final, finished piece (not too far from the design):

“Midnight Rambles”

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Despite several near-heart-attacks when things didn’t go quite to plan, it was hugely enjoyable; I finished (on time- whew) and handed Nuk Nuk over the the UPS delivery man (all the UPS drivers were delivering and collecting the hares in their own voluntary time- thanks to them!)

Looking forward to the exhibition of all 100+ Hares in Dublin in March- I will keep you posted!