Where Am I?

I am neither here nor there. I am suspended in limbo, yet speeding through time like a rocket. It feels rather strange. wpid-img_20150729_133228.jpg
(Nothing to do with this post! Gratuitous photo of delicious things!!)

Last year, we put our house up for sale. We had talked, at length, about moving back “home” to my home place for some time. So one day we just decided we would do it. And we did. We did all the jobs we have been meaning to do for years. We painted the house inside and out. We packed and labelled stuff we weren’t going to use in the short term. And we waited.

Unfortunately, the housing market here in Ireland, which had come to practically a full stop a couple of years ago, remained sluggish, especially where we are living. We had a somewhat stressful year: the sense of limbo, of not quite being able to root down firmly, the sense of impermanence, is very unsettling. wpid-img_20150708_170156.jpg
(Also nothing to do with this post! Gratuitous photo of delicious children!!)

Last Monday, the boys and I were chatting about the whole moving lark. We had decided a few weeks ago to stop waiting, to just live in the moment. We talked on Monday about how we probably wouldn’t sell our house in 2015, how it was creeping into the second half of the year, and you know, that would be okay; we have a beautiful home surrounded by wonderful friends: it would happen when it was right. Two days later, on Wednesday, we had a viewing of the house. 48 hours later, a year and a day after we put our house up for sale, an offer was made, which we accepted. We were moving!

We don’t have anywhere to move to yet. We are packing and packing and packing (where did all this stuff come from?) We have an extraordinary amount of books. I’ve culled about two thirds of them, and still have a substantial library. I haven’t even approached the toy room yet! I seem to spend my days packing and labelling and boxing up and yet don’t feel I’ve made a dent in the stuff. It is stressful. I am stressed. And frequently contrary (sorry kids). I’ve so much in my head that it’s overflowing… As are my lists… And my lists of lists… wpid-img_20150721_133143.jpg
(Still Nothing to do with this post! Gratuitous photo of more delicious things!!)

And yet, as stressful as it is, it’s incredibly liberating. I feel, in a sense, that I’m coming up for air, pushing through something; pushing out, expanding: and that’s wonderful.

So, please pardon my absence, past and future. I’m just about keeping my head above water as we negotiate through this muggy reality that is, right now. There are sure to be exciting times ahead 🙂