Save some Bees and Make a Bee Drinker

A year or two ago, we noticed a strange thing happening in the garden. We had this water-play set, like channels for boats, that were filled with water. We kept finding dead bees in and around it. I discovered that they were coming down to have a drink in the hot weather and drowning. It stayed in my head, and when I spotted something on Pinterest last year, I kept it filed in my head to do this year as soon as the Good Weather graced our wee land.bee blog

Well, Summer part 2 has come to our shores, at last, hurray! Not only are we wilting, but so are the flowers, dog and (probably) the bees. Our bees upped and left the hive last year when I was in hospital having Anna, but they are still around the garden somewhere; we see them pollinating our flowers and plants especially in weather like this.

So in our bid to save a few bees, yesterday, James and I made this bee drinker. (This is literal, and actual, child’s-play)

What you need:

-A shallow tray (we used a frisbee, but a tin lid would work too)

You fill the tray with marbles, and pour water on top so that just the tops of the marbles are out of the water. this allows the bees to have a safe landing spot without drowning!

In sunny weather, keep an eye on it as the water evaporates really quickly.

And, it goes without saying, keep it out of the way of small children.

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