Awards and Teapots (a winning combination)

IMG_20150430_100601Last Saturday night, the inaugural Glenisk Irish Parenting Blog Awards took place in Dublin. I was nominated and finalist in three categories: Best Homespun Blog, Most Beautiful Blog and Most Inspirational Blog (yes, yes, I add the exclamation marks in my head after that one too!), and shock of absolute shocks, I won “Best Homespun Blog” award, sponsored by Glenisk! Weeeee!ipbawardsI didn’t actually attend the awards in person, but rather joined some other non-attending Irish Parenting Bloggers for a night of sofa+twitter. It was fast, heart-stoppingly so, and terribly exciting. I don’t use Twitter much, so it was a bit of a steep learning curve and I was still trying to figure it all out when I spotted the tweet to say I had won. I had to look at it a few times before saying to Fergal: “I think I may have won an award! Seriously!!” I had written a speech, which was a little rude and may have included the word “willies” thinking it would never be read out… ho-hum… apologies to the wonderful Deb from FatDebSlim who read it out for me 🙂IMG_20150430_100527I received, as my award, this absolutely gorgeous teapot (how fitting!!) thanks to Patricia at Colorines Wonderful. The night was, by all accounts, one to remember; the goodie bags will be going down in the annals of history! Huge thanks to Sylda, Lisa, Deborah, Laura, Helen, Suzy and Fiona who organised this mammoth task and pulled it off as only “Parenting Bloggers” could!

Check out all the winners here, and while you are at it, I would highly recommend ALL the Irish Parenting Blogs, some superb reading all in one place.

As a THANK YOU and to celebrate this momentous occasion, I will be running a giveaway here and on my Facebook page in the next week or so… just need to organise myself. Now, I’m off for a wee pot o’ tea…