In Conversation with… Me

This Monday, 23rd of March 2015, I’ve been invited by the Ballinasloe-based Art Link Collective to give a talk about my art practice in Gullanes Hotel (Ballinasloe) at 8pm.

I don’t actually have a clue what I’m going to say; but I’ve never yet been stuck for words, so no doubt I will find it in me to waffle away for an half hour or so 🙂

I had great plans to do Great Things: finish piles of half finished work, but some sort of plague-like illness struck James, Anna and I this week and put a prompt stop to any notions I may have had. So I’m just doing a few last minute bits (an art doll in several parts needing assembling for example) and hoping the hideous choke-y cough that afflicts me the minute I start to speak. Eeek.
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Bringing Artists Together

A Conversation With Artist
Emily Rainsford Ryan

Monday March 23rd at 8pm
Gullanes Hotel Ballinasloe

All Welcome
Tea / Coffee €2

(The ARTLINK COLLECTIVE is a group of artists , based in Ballinasloe, who are aiming to hold and take part in several art related activities through out the year. The artists are Ness Kelly, Jackie Eastwood, Tomas Finn, Lily Kelly, Rosemarie Langtry and Heather Rafter)