Craft Advent 24: Christmas Snow-globe Cake

And so we have come to the end of our Craft Advent… Let me just say before I go further, a HUGE thank you to everyone who guest posted: Helen from The Busy Mamas, Jill from Properfud, Elizabeth from Hushabye Farm, Sinead from Crafty Fun Kids, Eithne from Cardroom Delights, Christine from Awfully Chipper, Jane from That Curious Love of Green, Sadhbh from Where Wishes Come From and Naomi from Dr. How’s Science Wows. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU lovely ladies for making it a really super fantastic one!

My last Craft Advent post is a delicious chocolate biscuit cake. We had a whole discussion about what Christmas Cake we wanted this year, and since every chocolate biscuit cake is made and then promptly given away, there was an almost unanimous decision for this!ca241

Last night, we had a family dinner with Fergal’s parents and siblings. My sister-in-law, Deirdre, made a fantastic chocolate biscuit cake that was shaped like a Christmas Pudding, with the snowman from Frozen (can’t for the life of me remember his name) as a topper. She had him covered with this glass (it was a chocolate spread jar, and perfect for a snow-globe effect)

<< I took a photo for inspiration (and Deirdre even gave me the glass so I could rob her great idea for this last post, thanks Deirdre!!)



Chocolate Biscuit Cake is EASY! And, it goes without saying, completely delicious! For this cake I doubled quantities to fit the bowl (normally I find an 8″ square tin works perfectly.)

I melt 150g of butter with 200g of chocolate, and 3 tablespoon of golden syrup over a double boiler (a heat proof bowl over a pan of barely simmering water)

Prepare the bowl with greaseproof paper.

When melted, Add in of 400g crushed digestives (or 50/50 digestives and Rich Tea) Mix well to coat it all. I add approximately 100g of raisins or sultanas; you could add nuts or marshmallows here too. (Deirdre made her recipe with condensed milk, marshmallows and Malteasers added in)

Press into the bowl and leave to go cold.

ca243To make up:

When set, upend it onto a large plate, so it has a domed top.

In a small saucepan, melt 250 mls (approx) of double cream, and a teaspoon of caster sugar. When just boiling, take off the heat and add in 100g of white chocolate, and stir until completely melted.

Pour over the top, some will pool around the base. Leave for a couple of minutes to set a little, then sprinkle with icing sugar for a “snowy” effect.ca242

Make your topper with fondant- I had a house shaped cutter, and made a tiny snowman. I also had a little tree. I dotted the inside of the glass with white icing to look like snow, arranged the house etc close together on top and covered with the glass.

Very easy and very cute!

From our house to yours, a very merry, peaceful Christmas xxxx