Craft Advent 9: Paper Christmas Baubles

After much begging, Helen from The Busy Mamas has come back to us!! Take it away Helen 🙂

Thanks for letting me back into The Nest again Emily! I’m loving the posts in your Craft Advent and hope they’re helping everyone to get into the Christmas mood.
This year’s decoration making has been a little limited thanks to some over-zealous house-packing and the boxing up of most of my stash of felt and other materials.  So I had to root around and I found some scraps of pretty paper left over from last year’s soap wrappings and made these lovely paper baubles.
CA10 Bauble Featured ImageThey are very simple and easy to do with some sticky handed little helpers.  You can use all sorts of paper scraps with the contrasting patterns making these a lovely addition to your tree.

Here’s what you need:
Paper (use medium thickness paper as I tried these with newspaper and it’s a little too light on its own and card is a little rigid),
Circular outline – I used a can of tomatoes but you could use scone cutters or other circular tins for different shapes
A length of thread.
And here’s how to make them:
Mark out and 12 circles for each bauble.  Fold each circle in half with the patterned side facing inwards.
Glue one folded side of a circle and layer the next on top. Repeat to use all the circles to create a small ‘stack’ of semi-circles. Set aside to dry.
To finish, flatten the bauble out and position the length of thread as shown, using a generous splodge of glue. Open the bauble out and secure that last side to finish. Set aside to dry before hanging.
ca 10Paper Bobble Collage