Craft Advent 6: Christmas Birdhouse

A little bit of birdhouse whimsy for your Saturday 🙂 Fergal made these gorgeous wooden bird-house key hook plaques, so I duly robbed his idea and dimensions and made them in cardboard. So, so simple!

What you need:
Corrugated cardboard (that kind of thickness)
Decorative papers
Lace/ ribbon
I found this owl button, but even a few plain buttons to add interest
Needle to make holes in the card
ca3-4Print out the Free Printable PDF {bird house pdf} and cut out. Lay the house shapes on the cardboard and cut out.
ca3-2Neatly cover them in decorative paper.

Glue a strip of lace/ribbon into the smaller house and to the bigger house

Glue the smaller house onto the bigger one; glue on the circle it from the pattern like a little porthole.

With the needle, make a hole at the apex and threaded a loop of thread; and at the bottom, in the centre of the background house (make sure it is centre!!) ca3-1Then made a hole in one of the points of the star. I threaded thread from the bottom hole to the star, knotted them at the back and put a little glue to glue them down. ca3-3I glued the sentiment to the star, a little button owl to the smaller house, and voila! A Christmas decorative birdhouse!