Simple, Last Minute Halloween Things To Do

I will not lie. I don’t love Halloween. I am terrified of scary movies (Blackfish almost sent me over the edge) and I’m not really into all the ghoulish-ness. I’m too busy waiting for it to be over, so I can concentrate on **Christmas**! But we do love to do some old fashioned Halloween games, make a bonfire, watch mildly scary movies, so I thought I’d share a few very simple, but really fun things you can conjure up at a moments notice (as such)

halloween  •    Flour Tower: the number 1 most requested and anticipated game, (played not just at Halloween) the flour will be used for days after, until I can’t stand powdery floors and children. You just need approx 1kg of the cheapest white flour available, pile it high, then put a nut or grape on the top. The aim of the game is to slice off “slices” of flour from around the sides. Whoever slices and lets the grape/nut fall, has to stick their face in the plate of flour (they usually have “help” for this bit!)

20141031_154548Some children play with the flour long after the “game” is finished… today the child, floor, chair, walls and table “got it”)
‏    •    Bite The Apple: tie a piece of string to an apple (we usually thread the string through the apple), then hang from the ceiling. The aim is to get a bit of the apple with your hands behind your back.
‏    •    Dunking: Have dry clothes and towels aplenty ready! Fill a large basin with water, put apple slices, nuts (which ones float?), money (only for the most determined of dunkers) The aim is to see how much someone can “dunk” and remove from the basin with their mouth (hands behind your back!!

‏We had hoped to have a bonfire and bake some potatoes in it (THE best way to eat potatoes, in my ‘umble opinion) but torrential rain has put a stop to that. We might bury a few in the stove later and bake them that way…

Should scary movies be your thing, Netflix have a fantastic selection of Halloween movies (I’ll be hiding, sweeping up the flour in the kitchen) Two fellow bloggers Glittermama and Where is my mind have posted today what they are looking forward to later on 🙂

And here I will bit you a spooky and ghoul-filled adieu; this chocolate sheet cake from Smitten Kitchen beckons. I might even put some “fake blood” red icing on top…