Teeny 4″ Swaddled Baby Tutorial

TAG-6Who could resist these cuties? My mother-in-law is Queen of swaddling babies, they would be returned after a cuddle like a firm little parcel, only a small round head peeping out!

Really easy and quick to make, you will soon have orders from all smallies you know for these Teeny Swaddled Babies 🙂


Pure wool fibres (about a fistful)

Jersey knit in a skintone colour (approximately 5″ x 4″)

Tubular bandage 12″ length (I bought a huge roll in my local pharmacy, sold as finger bandage)

Material for the blanket and hat (I used cotton) (give yourself approximately 7″ x 10 inches for the blanket, 2″ x 4″ for the hat)

Strong thread (I used a fine crochet cotton)

Thread (sewing and embroidery), needles, scissors

Teeny swaddle baby tutorial 1

I start by making the inner head. I needle felt a ball approximately 1″ in diameter (you could wrap a ball of fleece tightly either, I just find the needle felting holds it in place and keeps it secure) When I have the ball made, I take a piece of fleece and wrap it around the head: See top right pic below:

I cut approximately 12″ of the tubular bandage; fold it in half, twist once, and fold it down over itself (See pics above)The bandage starts to shorten as you stretch it out a bit.

SB2Push the “head” into the tube of bandage, tie firmly with the strong thread under where the chin would be; then stuff the rest of the tube with more fleece until firm and measuring approximately 4″.

Stitch a running stitch around the bottom, pull tight and stitch firmly to hold it all in securely.

Then, with strong thread, tie a piece around the centre of the head to make the indents for the face:

SB3Wrap this sausage shape in the jersey knit, folding it in on itself, to make a neat edge to sew together. I usually start with the back of the head, putting in a stitch there, pulling on the fabric to stretch a little (you don’t want it loose), then either pin the fabric in place down the body or tack before stitching, then stitch firmly from the back of the head to the bottom.

I secure a stitch with a piece of strong tread, then wind it twice under the chin again, and stitch firmly to hold in place.

I fold in the fabric (neatly!) at the bottom and the top of the head and stitch securely closed.

SB4Once your inner body is securely stitched and you are happy with it, lie it on your piece of cotton. I simply fold down the top under the back of the neck, and then fold up the piece at the bottom, bringing it up to the “navel” area. I fold under the fabric and secure with a stitch (top right below:)

SB5Then, wrap the fabric around: experiment with what sits best. I fold the fabric from the right over to the left, folding in as I go to make a neat swaddle, then fold from the left: again, folding in to make it neat. Then, fold in the edge and stitch securely along the side (above bottom left and right)

SB6To make the face, I mark lightly with a pencil where the face should be. I use embroidery thread to make the features. Make a stitch at the back to secure, then push the needle to the front, making eyes, nose and mouth (you could also draw or paint these on if you preferred)

To make the hat, I folded over the edge of a small piece of cotton fabric, then folded this is half. Measure it by wrapping it in place around the head, and put a pin in it to mark the size, then sew (either by hand or machine) from the wide end (that fits around the head, up to where the fabric folds over (I aim for the hat to be approximately 1 1/2 ” tall, but you can make this as tall as you like) (above, bottom right)

To finish, I coloured little pink cheeks with a wax crayon (or you could use some blush either)

(I made a little “pod” out of felted wool fabric: I cut an oval of fabric, and then ran a running stitch close to the edge, pulling it to create the shape, then when it was the shape I wanted, I secured it with a stitch)

SB7And there you have it!

If you would love one of these swaddled babies, but don’t want to make one yourself, you can buy them from me here

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