Life is Full

As you can imagine, life is very Full here. Our smallest Little One is almost eight weeks old and at last I’m feeling like we are starting to settle into our rhythm again. I always find it funny how it takes a few weeks or months for things to settle after a new baby arrives. We stretch the sides of our family to accommodate another little person, in the same way as my body stretched to fit around them for the preceding nine months. And in that stretching, everyone has to jiggle themselves around a bit, change a little, find where they can fit themselves back into the family jigsaw. I think we are almost there… We still have days when there’s someone needing more time, energy and presence, but then, I guess that’s always the way!1

Anna is being loved and adored as all babies should be and we are besotted and enjoying every second of this warm, quiet, smiling ball of softness who is getting more alert and cuter by the day (she is looking at the birds landing on the feeder outside the window, only about two feet away. When I change her here, she watches them flying back and forth. At the minute, there seems to be great courting going on around our bird feeders so there are little male chaffinches strutting their stuff for a female. It’s hilarious to watch)2

My energy is back, after a long pregnancy hiatus: I always feel that bursting-to-capacity creative energy after having a baby, which is a huge relief since I grind to a halt in the last few months. I’ve been painting and drawing almost every day, working towards producing sets of artworks that I’ll produce as cards and prints (that’s the grand plan anyway) I’ve agreed to take part in a 30 day challenge on Facebook, the challenge being you draw or paint something every day. At the moment I’ll have no problem, but, my life loves when I am definitive about something: it likes to throw a few curveballs… Just for the craic of it…

This June, I’m hoping to clock in here much more too: (I might even post my daily piece of art to get me back in the swing of things!) I have composed, -at mad hours of the night and small hours of the morning-, what I imagine, at the time, to be blogposts of great literary note… except I can never remember what I was writing about, much less what I actually wrote in my head when I wake up hours later.

I imagine, in the morning, while eating my porridge and racking my brain to remember even one line of genius, all those amazing, life-changing blogposts that must be floating around in the blogpost graveyard in the sky…

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