This word had been my salve over the past few months…

I have felt like “life” has been doing its own thing; things are moving so fast, sliding between my fingers, slippery, half formed: I can’t catch them and I can’t make sense of them until they have suddenly realised, transpired and I realise I had no control over them in the first place anyway.

I know we have no control over anything in life really: it’s an organic unfolding process that does it’s own thing. We can pull against or go with the flow. And often just be washed along in the torrent.

Things are changing fast around here, great changes over the next while, and I, in moments of complete anxiety, just hear and see the word trust over and over… and it brings such great peace.

 Trust what’s happening.

 Trust it will be okay.

 Trust all is well.


(I am part of the Design Team for a new challenge blog my sister Eithne, and the lovely Michelle have set up: Craft for the Craic. Every month they have set a new Craft Challenge based around a word: this month it is Green. Check out the blog here and join in! All arty/crafty adventures are welcomed; it’s a great way to see how different crafts explore the same topic in such unique ways)