Paper Dolls and Blueberry Slice

For Christmas, Grace received, amongst others, a beautiful book called The Paper Dolls (by Julia Donaldson and illustrations by Rebecca Cobb) We were reading it last night and afterwards talked about making our own paper dolls… which is exactly what we did, today!


(note the bandaged finger: we had high drama last week when Grace got a long splinter embedded in her finger; it came out on Monday thankfully after a very anxious weekend and many poultices. Homeopathic Silica eventually pushed it out over night on Sunday in the nick of time before we went back to the hospital. Whew)

After we made the small paper dolls, we decided to make like-size ones: we had huge rolls of paper, thanks to my parents; so we lay it flat on the ground, then Grace, James and Michael lay down to be drawn around (Liam wanted to draw his foot only!!)

P1010893We had such a laugh doing this! And when we had drawn around the figures, they each coloured “themselves” in. James even drew a car in his hand with all of us in it:

P1010896Once coloured in, we cut them out and dated each one. James’ colouring doesn’t show up here, but he drew in details like each finger and eyes, the cutie. And Grace coloured in her bandaged thumb for posterity…!P1010906The mad “creature”Β attached to James’ foot is Liam’s foot, whom he has called ‘Kevin’:


At the moment the giant paper children are lying on the kitchen floor waiting for their daddy to come home, making the kitchen look like a scene from C.S.I. πŸ™‚

And whilst I am here in the kitchen, let me share a delicious recipe from the kitchen of Wholesome Ireland;Β Blueberry Slice:P1010875I was originally going to make this with raspberries, but I cannot eat enough blueberries at the minute, the cravings! I made this recipe for Blueberry Slice almost exactly (I just addded 50g more blueberries). A gorgeously fruity delight! Thanks Caitriona!