Snippets: Unicorns, Nests, Hens & Feck-It Cakes


P1010794I have a whole 8″ Waldorf Snuggle Baby tutorial photographs- with PDF patterns for download!- most of which was done with our small boy beside me, or in this case, on my knee,  drawing “daddy and a yourd” (Daddy and a sword); but I have yet to write it out completely. Hopefully, over the weekend…

…As a member of the Irish Parenting Bloggers, I have a fantastic array of blogs to read. One of my favourites is Where Wishes Come From; this week, Sadhbh from WWCF posted this fantastic PDF pattern to make felt unicorns (for free download) I made James’ green one first (he is in green mode at the minute), and when Grace and Liam were deciding on colours, Liam asked for a Pegasus: a unicorn with wings essentially. Grace nearly expired with excitement as that was exactly what she was hoping for! And so, with a minor adjustment to the pattern to make the embroidered wings (which took the longest time: “if you just, you know, sew a few hearts and flowers and spirals and all the things I love on the wings…”) her winged unicorn came to life:

P1010809 P1010808 P1010807

…Fergal found two nests over the weekend that had been blown down in the storm… When we cut hair in our house, we always put the hair out in the garden for the birds to line their nests (not sure where this theory/idea came from!) On inspection of the second, smaller nest we saw it was lined with what looks like James’ hair!

P1010803 P1010802

…I have photos of these hens when they first came to live with us a few months ago: they were living skeletons, having come from a battery hen farm. As soon as they arrived, our hens stopped laying in sympathy and despite eating the most extraordinary amount of food and growing healthy and plump there was ne’er an egg to be seen. This week, however, they have all started laying and we are having eggs with everything 🙂 I have spent the week baking: bread, scones, cakes; and Grace has been living on a diet of “breggy egg”(French bread): there is nothing more lovely than fresh eggs from the henhouse…

20140111_125940…Possibly the most popular photo I ever posted on Facebook: I “invented” the Feck-It Cake, a version of chocolate biscuit cake… The ingredients came from our cleared-out junk-press (cupboard): all the random left-over Christmas chocolate bits, mini bars and a half a tin of caramel… fudgy, choccy, yummy:

Feck-It Cake

Melt all the random chocolate bits you can find with 100g of butter and 100g of caramel (in a tin) Add in a packet of bashed-up digestives, (you could add fruit, nuts, rice krispies also at this stage) Press into a paper-lined tin, then melt 200g of chocolate, the rest of the caramel (I had about 100g left) and spread on top. Refridgerate until chilled (or dont, just until its set, then let the hungry mases delve in)

Heaven in a baking tin, frankly. P1010797