End of November: Leaves,Tea and Dolls

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November is drawing to a close, after a mild start to the winter, it is getting cold, cold.

Early morning leaf raking: and hours of fun in the huge pile of leaves. It is so cold now that no-one complains about hats and coats…and gloves…

And the best part! Hot tea and scones for the cold bodies who come in 🙂
I’m working on a prototype for a teeny tiny doll… Grace made a “dress” and head gear, then arranged it all on a plate with pipeclearer  decorations! I love when she does something so unusual and creative… very like her older brother Michael, when he was her age…
And so we move towards December; I love Advent: the countdown to Christmas, the warmth and cosiness. This is the season for hot chocolate and delicious baking; being squished on the sofa watching a movie; reading and stitching and lots and lots of cuddles!