Review Of Tesco Online Shopping

I recently completed an online shop for Tesco, for the purposes of review. I sporadically do the shopping online, preferring, it seems, to torture myself with a half hour round trip and a couple of hours wandering aimlessly, spending about four times what I need to, and succumbing to almost every end-of-aisle offer. Throw in a child or five and my trolley will be laden with things I’ve never even heard of (my children are very efficient shoppers: fast and silent, with a penchant for expensive, processed foods that I would never in a million years buy)

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 12.48.22 I had an account set up already. This was a bit of a pain initially as we live in the middle of nowhere, and the Tesco system is set up for a postcode system (which we don’t have in Ireland) so after many agonizing tries to get it to accept our address area, I just opted for the nearest one on the drop down menu, and then gave actual directions in the area provided.

Once that was done, shopping was easy, almost pleasurable 🙂 The bit I liked most was being able to compare different products and different prices. Also, you can go into the Special Offers and see everything in one go, rather than hoping you chance upon them as you walk around the aisles!

The site takes a bit of getting used to; it is very busy, and with lots happening on the screen. But once you start shopping, there is an easy drop down menu to the side so you can keep an eye on everything you are putting into your basket. It even recommends cheaper alternatives while you shop!!

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 12.48.59


Once you are logged in, your information is stored on the system; your favourites are remembered so you can go back and look at the “usuals” that you buy.

Once I had finished my shopping, I chose a delivery time. It costs between €4-€6.50, depending on delivery times. I have no problem paying this as it would easily cost €6.50 in petrol to get in and out.

I then keyed in the vouchers I had (we had lots of clubcard vouchers to use) and proceeded to checkout. At that point I had a problem. One that had nothing to do with Tesco really: after using the payment process many times, “Verification by Visa” came up, and locked all my debit cards. (I will now delete the expletive-laden rant against Verification By Visa. Suffice to say, the air was purple and blue around my head) 

Anyway! Once I sorted that minor detail, I was away! The following day after i had completed payment, bang on time, the delivery truck pulled in and a friendly, helpful delivery man helped bring everything in. One of my choices weren’t available, so a substitute was chosen (this was pointed out and okayed by me; I could have refused to take it and have been refunded) The substitute item was bigger and more expensive than the one I had chosen so I was more than happy.

All in all I was very happy with the experience and the shop. I will definitely be doing it online again, in fact, am slowly putting stuff into my shopping cart as I think of them over a few days. I regularly give thanks that this service is available to us: in any kind of situation where I couldn’t get to the shop, I could, within 24 hours have everything delivered to my door. How fantastic is that?


Why not give it a go? To entice you to try, Tesco has given a €20 off when you spend €60 or more on your first online grocery shop at


eCoupon code: RXXF4NC

Offer end date: 25th October 2013

Full terms and conditions can be found at


Disclosure: I received a voucher in exchange for an honest review. All the opinions expressed here are my own.