The Eve of Our Anniversary









We got married thirteen years ago today. I married the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful man that ever lived; he really is my best and dearest friend, the person I would choose over anyone else to spend time with.

On the eve of our wedding anniversary, we brought our bicycles to Shannon Harbour in Co. Offaly. Fergal had found an old wire bicycle basket and wire-brushed it down and painted it (didn’t I tell you he was the kindest?) So with James in the baby seat behind me, my lovely wire basket in front, Fergal took Grace; we took the most beautiful route along the towpaths by the canal. We talked, laughed, photographed, cycled… And looked for James’ shoe which he disposed of along the way…

Fergal loves any water-mass; I love canals: I am fascinated by them: the ingenuity, the peace, the order. My mothers family were boat builders, generations back: they built the canal barges that brought the malt to the Guinness Brewery in St. James Gate in Dublin. It was my fathers family who brought those same barges to Dublin, to the Guinness Brewery, which, incidentally had been belonged to the Rainsford family before it changed hands to Arthur Guinness!

We came home, buying some bags of greasy, vinegary Italian chips on the way. I had roasted an organic chicken the night before, so we had chips and wraps and salad. It was bliss. I am so blessed.