A Memory Box for a Mama




I am part of an online group called the Irish Parenting Bloggers (IPG) on Facebook. It’s a great group of (mostly) women and we have fantastic chats and craic, and long lengthy discussions about parenting, current affairs, bums and nether-regions (no limits to the variety of conversations!!) Through the group, BlogMarches, freebies, opportunities and a lot of PR for each blog is generated, mostly thanks to Lisa who set up the group, admin and tireless worker for all of our, the groups’, good.

Lisa is Mama to two very small babies, and her blog Mama.ie charts her journey through parenting. As a very teeny thank you for all her work on IPG, I made her a memory box last week. I get huge enjoyment out of the making of these boxes, it is quite addictive! (As an aside, I spotted another wooden cigar box belonging to my dad last time I was home, dear old Dad: I’ve my beady eye on it 😉 )