Exciting Times: Arthur Guinness Project

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I am involved something very exciting: the Arthur Guinness Project:

 “The Arthur Guinness Projects exist to celebrate and reward the next chapter of Irish talent and creativity. We are looking for extraordinary people with innovative, inspiring, brilliant ideas, and the passion and drive to make them happen. So if you have a potential project in Music, Sport, Arts or Food that would benefit from financial and practical assistance, this is your chance to bring it to life.

 Simply submit your idea here, and you could be awarded a bursary of up to €50,000, as well as invaluable advice and mentoring to help you turn your dream into reality. The most popular ideas will be shortlisted by the public, so make sure to encourage your friends and family to vote by sharing your project on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.”

 So I am looking for your help!! you can vote once a day, even one vote -ever!!- would be wonderful.


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And what are we doing?? This is our little info piece:

“The people behind what we buy make business meaningful”

 We are a small design-led magazine, still in its infancy. We want to build an online magazine and website that inspires and showcases creative living through engaging, human-interest stories: the people behind the small indigenous Irish craft businesses, artists, writers and musicians. We want to give an insight into who they are, how they have come to this place, where they work or create, and of course what it is they produce. We want to give a warm and welcoming insight into the faces and lives behind the creating, as we believe this builds relationships that reconnect producers and consumers.

 Our plan of action: to publish a free e-mag online with inspiring, interesting stories of makers and creators based in Ireland. 

 On our website we want to continue this theme, bringing news, articles of interest and more stories. We want to have a “shop” section where makers featured can sell their goods (with a link from the magazine to this shop) 

 We hope to have a forum detailing craft and art shows/fairs/exhibitions around the country, an online community of people who support, collaborate and connect with businesses to further the cultural and creative life in Ireland. 

 We want to create a geographic map of all the creatives who have open studios/workspaces/galleries/shops for visitors who are interested in following a “crafty/arty trail”. 

 We believe passionately in the rich creative heritage of our country. We also believe this can showcase to us, as well as the rest of the world, the wealth of creativity and innovation that we are famous for. 

 We feel that, with support, mentoring and funding, this has the potential to expand exponentially, both locally and internationally. 


It is so exciting, and could be such a life changer in so many ways for us. Please, please, if you have a few spare moments any day, do think to vote!



(And whilst you are signed in there, Fergal has a project looking for funding to: under the Sports Category, he is looking for votes for the Ballinasloe Rowing club… All appreciated!)