The Alchemy of Organic Skincare

Gosh, a week flies by; I have every intention of posting, and then, well, life runs in, and I realise several days have passed in a blur…


But I couldn’t pause too long as I received a wee parcel from a very dear friend of mine, Fiona, who is the fragrant lady behind Bare Chic Organic Skincare. I’ve known Fiona for almost twenty (!) years now, and Fiona’s great passion (apart fom art, she is also a very talented artist) has always been skincare. Even I, a slovenly skincare person, cannot fail to be completely excited by this when I’m talking to her. You know when someone is passionate about something and they exude such excitement and delight about it? Well, this is Fiona. And so she should: her Organic Skincare products are extraordinarily good. Edibly good. They are, in fact, practically food grade, as everything she uses, are not only organic and pure, but have no preservatives, no synthetics, no parabens, no filler: just a delicious alchemy of Good Stuff. She handcrafts these handfuls of heaven in small batches, everything is done to exacting standards, by hand. I have been the very happy guinea pig for some time now, trying out the creams and butter balms, body buffers… ohhh the hardship 😉


This week, I was on the receiving end of a delicious cocoa and vanilla body buffer, this is like a mini massage in the shower, and afterwards my skin was so soft and sweet smelling. These buffers exfoliate and moisturise, and I smelled good enough to eat (well, the bit that I tasted BY ACCIDENT was delicious, so I reckon I smelled like that)

(The body balms, too, oh my goodness, the melt in your hand and give intense moisturisation)


The Rose Cream, is just, simply, gorgeous. I think this is one of Fiona’s bestsellers: and it is no secret why. This very soft, silky, pink-tinted cream smells like a very fragrant rose garden. It soaks into the skin quickly, leaving it so soft. My skin is super-sensitive, and I react instantly to most things, and yet I have never, ever, so much an itchy tingle with any of these.

I’m a complete sucker for anything that looks beautiful, and these fit the bill perfectly. The packaging is really lovely: graphic, clear and classic. Fiona is expecting a baby at the end of the summer, so work on her e-shop is taking a break, but should you be interested in any of these products, she can be contacted through her Bare Chic Facebook page.

This is a small, handcrafted Irish business, which, like all small local businesses, relies on us supporting them. I cannot recomment these products highly enough, so please do check Bare Chic out! (and if you are Facebook, give a “like” and mention I sent you 🙂  )

(I was not asked to review these products nor was I given them for review: just as a present! All opinions expressed are my own. And you shouldn’t eat the products. That was an accidental slip of my hand)