Hard to believe, but we have been getting a few days of sunshine this May (today, I have decided, is an anomaly: it is cold and wintery, but I am expecting great things for the rest of the week 🙂 )

The boys are still in full toy-making flight, Liam is here stitching. Gloves are the main material; and the tiny finger tip pieces with faces are moles (each an integral part of the games!)

I went into visit my friend Fiona this week. It was, as always, an evening of fantastic food and company: we never have enough time. I made this decorated collaged box and an art doll for her (it was her Christmas present. Yes, the shame) and I received many delightful Christmas and birthday presents in return: this blue scarf and the Cath Kidston “Patch” book (and borrowed the “Preserved” book, full of brilliant recipes for the hopefully abundant season ahead)

My friend Jane from That Curious Love of Green posted this recipe for her chili this week. I gathered the ingredients together, simply couldn’t wait to make it, it sounded so delicious. And, boy, was it good! Thankfully I made double the quantities as we will have it with wraps and salad too.
I actually (!) made the recipe as stated, apart from the quantity of chili. Let me explain. I am a wuss when it comes to very spicy food, so rather than the two teaspoons of chili flakes in the recipe I put a quarter of a teaspoon (my friend Bernadette who regularly makes food so hot I’m surprised her head doesn’t blow off, is now reading this and shouting at the screen “LIGHTWEIGHT!!!!!!!”. Well, yes. Yes I am)

Now, whilst the wee one is asleep, I am going to take out basket of doll-bits and start putting some more together. My friend Susan is knitting the most adorable clothes, so I am hoping to do a dolly show-and-tell soon!