The Return Of Green Baby

Many moons ago I wrote about Liam’s Green Baby:

“Years ago, I bought little soft Waldorf dolls for our boys… and how they loved them- Liam, our youngest boy had Green Baby until one day, the dog, in a fit of pique ran off with it and buried it, to be found 2 years later, disintegrated, in the yard. (That dog subsequently ran off permanently, in another fit of pique)”

I regularly went looking for another Green Baby online, and until a couple of weeks ago, none appeared. But then! Late one night I spotted one, tried to buy it but I couldn’t get it posted here to Ireland. So I emailed a friend in the US and she very kindly posted over a parcel with Green Baby 2 (and other delights 🙂 )

This evening, in the rain, A strange knock sounded on the front door, and Liam opened it to see:

Green Baby returned! He zipped up to the front door in his red convertible, shielded from the rain by a paper umbrella that Michael made!


Tonight, he sleeps soundly in the arms of a delighted little boy!