An Irish Baby Blessing

As I wrote in the last post, I am part of a facebook group: Irish Parenting Bloggers, and today is my turn to shower the new Mamas with virtual baby shower blessings!


This is an Irish Baby Blessing I painted for the two little babies, one Miss Mouse who has been welcomed into the heart of her family just a short few weeks ago: her mama Áine writes at AndMyBaby (which is on a maternity blog break); and one Little Woman who is on the cusp of being welcomed into her family’s arms: Lisa writes at and is due in the next few weeks (really, I cannot resist a newborn. Thankfully, for them, I don’t live anywhere near these lovely ladies or I would be permanently looking for baby cuddles)

I have no great advice that hasn’t been already said on this BlogMarch by these great Parenting Sages πŸ˜‰ , but five babies later I’ll impart my few pearlies of wisdom:

-Allow others to nourish and care for you

-Ignore any advice, well meaning or otherwise, that doesn’t immediately sit easily in your gut

-If someone says thay are calling to visit, offload the responsibility of telling them they can only stay a short while, to someone else

-**Rest plenty, eat well, drink plenty of water and love joyfully, this time passes in a heartbeat, savour every second!**

Todays Mystery Letter is E!

Tomorrow, Jill will be writing from Proper Fud, and the list and links to all the rest of the posts are here. Enjoy!