On My Work Table

(Well, not my actual work table… the light is fading fast and I have to move to the kitchen table)

P1010287 P1010288

Paintings… I must have a record number of started paintings. I have been dreaming of painting and paintings all week. Fantastic, inspiring dreams, but I am exhausted. I feel like I am in overdrive.


Drawings… these were done eating breakfast with a small child trying to grab my ink pen. Him and I? We’re like, besties. So Bestie, in fact, he feels he is me and everything I have or do, he should have and do too…


I’m working on art dolls again… my artwork takes so bloody long because I edge and inch away at it, bit by bit, second by grabbed second. This doll started with a wire armature, I bulked it up and started wrapping with cloth strips. So now it looks decidedly like a mummy (an Egyptian one 🙂 )

My plan is to, once I am happy with the shape, cover it in plaster and collage. I need a bit of time **all at the one time** to do this: this is NOT a thing to start when James might decide to “help”. Or is anywhere in the vicinity in fact…


THIS is when I usually get a few snatched minutes done :-), ah, modern technology, I love you.