The Trail of Liquid Gold

We extracted the first ten frames of honey from the beehives yesterday… we hope to get another ten or so in a couple of weeks.

A friend of ours helps us with the hives, and he arrived in unannounced to extract.. so I had no time to prepare for the glut of heavy, oozing frames that arrived into the kitchen:

A cut comb: look at all the glistening honey!

There is dripping honey e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e

(ahhhhhhh- I have spent the week trying to get the house back to being habitable, and then this!!!!)

but my children are eating it, one sticky honey finger at a time.

I am potting it up- I don’t have an extractor yet, so any of the frames that are oozing (most of the frames are “capped” with wax, but some have been nicked in transition and are leaving a trail everywhere) I am cutting into chunks and putting into sterilised jars.

Pure, precious liquid gold.