World Domination (mark 2)

I’ve been writing blogposts in my head for several weeks now… none of them quite managing to get from (addled) brain to here… Much work going on, painting and more painting; all part of a Grand Plan.

Almost a year ago (eeekk) I was planning world domination (with plenty of evil cackles): “a nest of handmade loveliness, delightful goodies, art and other objects of gorgeousness. It will be small. It will be perfect. It will be like the most perfectly stocked Craft-Fair table imaginable” Well, that is still the plan, albeit several months later, and despite many forks along the road that I had not forseen, I am in the process of making a little website and shop and (yet another) blog (blog-building: it’s an Obsessive-Compulsive thing)

I am not quite ready to share it just yet; but here are some photos of happenings around here the past few weeks:

(I frequently paint with plenty of company… an exercise in paint-supplies boundaries)