The Goddess Circle

Well, as I’m sure you have guessed, things have been pretty busy here… My head is actually going much faster than my actions, I’m hyperventilating with all the ideas seeping out of me (books, business, homeopathy, painting, dolls… in no particular order)

I signed up (as a birthday present to myself) to Leonie Dawsons “Goddess Circle” and only in the past few weeks have had the time to read and savour and enjoy the feast of this completely mad, bonkers Australian woman who has so much joyful, positive  things to say, beautiful meditations to enjoy, e-courses that make my eyes water with excitement…

(couldn’t leave this out. What a smiley smile!!!)

And why am I telling you this?? Well, I have recently joined her Affiliate Programme, whereby I earn something everytime someone clicks through from my blog (yay!) (it is a bit like pyramid selling, and a win-win situation all round… )

I have resisted and resisted some more, for the longest time, as I not only have an issue with asking for money owed or deserved

(“you want to buy my kidney? Oh, sure, sure; no, no, not a penny! here, have it and I’ll throw in an eyeball, a homeopathic consultation, a dozen cupcakes and I’ll pay you too!”)

but also an issue with this sort of thing: in fact, I think it just boils down to earning money in any way

(“A job cleaning filthy toilets? No, no, don’t pay me!!!! I’ll do it, and I’ll give you my kidney, I’ll throw in an eyeball, a homeopathic consultation, a dozen cupcakes and I’ll pay you too!”)

So as the first part of honouring what I do, of trying to make a living while being “a Mammy” at home, a painter, homeopath etc etc, I have become an Affiliate.

Because I think the Goddess Circle is just soul-inspiring,

because it is SO NEEDED for us women to have a santuary, a circle, a coming together of women,

and because it honours, inspires and helps create joyful lives.

And the best bit… for the next ten days, the price is $99 (around €75-ish?) before it doubles in price. For this, you get well over  $1,000 worth of e-courses (including her incredibly successful Business Goddess e-course), meditations, Creating your Goddess Year workbook, the Goddess Circle, the fantastic support, encouragement…. ohhh, it’s huge, and I am so thrilled and inspired to be part of it

(And it has kick started so many ideas and has inspired me no end. Not to mention the sound and practical advice on every level, especially the business advice, just F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C)

Do you want to join in the fun (and, boy, is it fun!!!), click on this link to go straight over there, or click on the button on the top right >>>>>>>>>>>

And should you be inspired to join me in transforming your business, creativity, life and soul by clicking through my blog, do let me know!!