A Few Moments of Bliss

While our little boy sat in his chair for a few moments today, I had a chance to:

:: have a cup of tea

:: eat a bar of Green & Blacks chocolate that a dear friend sent me

:: do a bit of doodling (I had started this last night: we were watching something a bit scary, so during those bits I would be scribbling furiously)

The bowl of eggs in the background are calling me, I need to bake today. More for my head than my stomach, needless to say…

Our little chap, despite his top teeth coming through and causing him plenty of grief, is still delighting us with his beaming smiles at every turn…

(thank goodness for Homeopathy- I must say this mantra 100 times a day; every time he gets fussy and upset I give him a little remedy and he instantly settles)

I planted a few roses and clematis today in the warm sun.