Decorated Collaged Journals

I have spent the past few days trying to finish these decorated collaged journals for my (sadly neglected) Etsy shop. I had most of them done, just needed to do all the finishing touches to make them *perfect*

I have several journal/sketchbooks on the go at all times; in fact, I have journals from when I was eleven still, and all the way til now (I really need to do a major clear out)

I L O V E journals, and I love looking back through mine (a combination of drawings, collage, diary entries, list and inspiring ideas in each one) and always come away with some new direction that I want to travel, inspired by something  would have put in my journal often years previously.

And I especially love a beautiful journal 🙂

(every blog post needs a baby picture, whether relevant or not…)

I’ll link back here once I have the journals added to my shop (must add those notelets too while I’m at it)


(ta ta for now, in the words of Tigger)

********** ~Edited to add: have them up at last. See them here **********