From Porridge to Birds

Today started off on a good note with a hearty breakfast of porridge, followed by a pot of tea (the teapot, incidently, was a present from me to Fergal, (but really from me to me!!); it is enamel and not only gives me delight to look at it, pours beautifully too! I’m so looking forward to picnic-ing with it)

Paper, paper everywhere… (as usual)

My middle boy, (who tends towards the cute side) was telling me how he would just love a hot scone with jam. 

So how could I resist such a plea? (don’t they look “perfect”? And tasted rather good too!!)

James’ baptism is next weekend- I’m crocheting a quick little cap; and the shawl: I’m keeping that to have something for Ginnys Yarn Along on Wednesday. I had to deviate somewhat from the plan (was there a plan? Really?) 

These little fellows are flitting to and from our window all day…

Our smallest cutie spends his changing time transfixed by the movement a few feet away: