Craft♥Advent, Day 15: Eilis’ Carved Candles

So late in the day, but day 15 craft here at last! This idea was entirely inspired by a friend of ours, Eilis (hence the name)

It is simple, quick, and relies on a relatively steady hand…

You need some blank candles, and a thin crochet hook or skewer. Plan what you are going to put on them, and keep it relatively simple: it is very easy to lose “control” of your drawing implement as the candle can be slippery. In my example, I had three candles of differing height, so I decided to write “Love”, “Peace” and “Joy” on the three candles, decorated by simple stylised leaves and dots. 

With the hook, I inscribed: it is difficult to see the inscription, I’m afraid (ahhh!! the light is causing me huge problems):

Once I inscribed the candles, I painted on some silver ink (you could also use silver acrylic paint), pushing the ink into the grooves of where you have drawn.

Leave for a couple of minutes (wipe off quickly if you use acrylic paint, it dries within minutes) and then with a soft tissue wipe the excess ink off, leaving it in the grooves:

Grouped together they look very pretty, and anything can be carved into them (you could also make Baptismal or wedding candles?)

Another simple gift-idea!