Yarn Along

I’m joining Ginny again for Yarn Along

To be honest, I’m getting very little reading done at the moment, we are spending every spare moment in the garden, so the Country Living Magazine is the extent of my reading material at the moment!! (but what lovely, inspiring pictures and articles!)

I’m still making some freeform crochet pieces- these are great to do when we are travelling anywhere. I made these with a few different yarns and textures. It is all a bit mad, but I am hoping to tie it all together with this gorgeous slub yarn (the photo colour is a bit wonky, the yarn is actually much pinker/raspberry red).

Again, I’m not too sure what it will turn into; possibly a bag (the last blue/red/yellow and white combo from last week is working its way into a bag, pictures to follow)

And my first initial pieces have been finished- they became a scarf! (and a very nice one too, methinks)

I just couldn’t get the hang of photographing it on me, so this will have to do… (I had no volunteers for this when I was taking the photo- strangely my boys ran off in horror…)

And so I am off to eat some cake. It was Fergals birthday yesterday, and mine today, so the house is full of cake and cards and lovely best wishes!

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