New Arrivals!

New Arrival No. 1:

I became an auntie again last week- my brother Michael and his wife Laura had a beautiful little girl-Erica! Erica arrived with a head of hair, and according to all reports, a great set of lungs (definitely related to me then 😉 )

We haven’t seen her yet- we were to go up at the weekend, but we had to stay away with all our snots and coughs (sniff sniff), but I’m planning on going up this week for a long, prolonged cuddle (cannot wait!!)

New Arrival No. 2:

On Friday, Fergal came home to work to find a little dog, in an awful state, outside. He initially thought it was Pebbles- this little dog is like a skinny, starving version of the fat, indulged Pebbles!!

(Pebbles, the attention seeking dog: “look at me, at me, at me!!!”)

We brought him to the vet, who pronounced him well (no mange or anything) but just STARVING. The poor creature is a really friendly little thing, and despite my best intentions, is worming his way into my heart…

(my *gorgeous* teenage son keeping an eye on them… we have to keep them separated as she is a female, he is a male and, well… y’know… (although I think all that’s in his head at the moment is food))

How could you say no to this little face, and sticking out ribs?? (and yes, he needs a serious face-haircut, he has eyes in there somewhere)

Muttley, the “I’ll-eat-anything” dog: “Feed me, feed me, feed me!!!!”

So, the prognosis? We are feeding him s-l-o-w-l-y, so he doesn’t gorge himself and explode, and hoping over the next few weeks we can bring him back from the state he is in, to looking more like Pebbles…

And then?

Anyone want a dog??????

New Arrival No. 3

Sometime at the end of the summer, all going well, another little one will be arriving into the heart of our family… 

there is such great delight at the prospect, and my rapidly expanding middle is being talked to like an entity of its own…!

We are planning how we can move our room around, the current smallest is in her little ancient bed beside mine (and has no intention of moving!!)

and I’m going through my stored piles of baby clothes to find the little babygros that our 3 boys and little girl spent the first few weeks in…

(I have to hide these carefully- they were being siphoned off and ending up on various baby dolls, teddies and a large yellow “Dr. Dog” downstairs 🙁  )

I recently got this book-Craft Hope, it is full of gorgeous patterns and ideas. When I was expecting Grace, our midwife, Aisling, told me about these little baby kimonos- I never got around to doing anything about it, but  now have the pattern and fabric, so I might just get around to making one before the little one makes an appearance!

(In between scrubbing the house, that is)