Parcels, Paintings and Giveaway Dolls

We have had a week of visiting and visitors- blessed with great company: friends and family who have welcomed us into their home or have been welcomed here…

Unfortunately it leaves little time for blogging or finishing all those lists of things I have been trying to do (crochet, painting, dolls, posting parcels and writing letters to accompany them… the list goes on!!)

I am hoping to participate in One World One heart 2011 again this year, but, true to form, I’m late, late, late.

I have a “Sweetpea Doll” (Tutorial to follow asap!) in bits, ready to assemble as my giveaway this year-

this will be a Waldorf-inspired doll, weighted, and dressed in this soft, gorgeous deep pinky velour fabric. (Hope to post the giveaway later on today)

Yesterday I received a delicious parcel from Roben Marie;

(one of the great annoyances in my life is that these Stampington magazines aren’t available over here- there are at least seven different publications from this company that I would love to get.. but anyway…) 

I also received these “Punchanella” (a.k.a. as… what? Stencils?) I have been using different techniques in my mixed media paintings;

I love how ways of manipulating the materials- painting on, lifting off, using stencils, splatters, sprays: can all cross over and influence my oil painting:-

(this is very much in progress– I’m working in layers and layers, building up texture and blocks of colour- working towards putting in fine details to finish)

Now I’m off to finish my Giveaway Doll before the OWOH giveaway is over 🙂