Easy All-In One Cushion Cover Tutorial

This is a really easy, simple way to make a cushion from just one Granny Square! I crocheted mine in 4 ply cotton on a 3.25 hook. 4ply takes a long time (double knit for me the next time!!) but it is so lovely to work with.

I made a square measuring 18 inches/45cms (mine was actually slightly bigger, but that’s ok)

Turn the square over so that the “wrong” side is facing you, then fold in the corners like so:

This is what you are aiming for:

and on the other side:

So, to start assembling: fold the cushion in half, right side out.

 (good to have a helper on hand)

Double stitch (DC) [American SC] the two sides together all along the short sides:

Fold out, and sit back the way it was to begin with, you can see the line of DC [SC] in red:

Starting at one side of the opening, DC [SC] around the edge (NOT crocheting together):

When you come back to where you started, slipstitch (SS) into the first DC [SC], and at this point, you can cast off, or just pull the stitch larger to hold it while you do your buttons.

At this stage, plan where your buttons will go. I used these buttons which I wove with the red yarn:

Place them along the open side, on the side  you have just crocheted, then sew them on in place.

Then continue where you left off, you want to make a picot edge and buttonholes on the side opposite to where you sewed the buttons on.

I started with a chain stitch, then into each stitch, I made DC [SC] for 5 stitches, then into the next DC[SC], I stitched: { 1DC[SC], 3 chain, 1 DC [SC] }

I continued along this way, and when I came to where the buttons were, I stitched :

{ 1 DC [SC], 10 chains (you may need to adjust this for the size of your buttons), 1DC [SC] into the next stitch }

Continue to the end of this side and then slipstitch the last stitch, and weave in your ends.

(apologies for the anaemic colour in the last few photos, I’ll post a better photo in the morning when I have real light)

And here it is in situ:

It went into use straight away! :