Fried Rice with Sea Vegetables

My children aren’t great at eating vegetables (apart from potatoes), so I spend my time thinking of sneaky ways of getting plenty in (soups, stews and smoothies are all a hit)

Thankfully, my children love fish (sorry: L O V E fish) and, for ones so picky; seaweed a.k.a sea vegetables (they also love sushi! Sushi!!)

Today whilst feeling slightly peaky, I wanted to cook up something ultra fast and very tasty.

I had cooked a large pot of rice last night so in about 7 minutes had a huge steaming bowl of fried rice (recipe here). Into this I liberally sprinkled  Sea Spice, which  is a blend of seven different edible seaweeds- looks like dried herbs, and for those who may be seaveg-shy- not at all strong tasting, just mild and salty. What a great hit it was, the boys thought it was delicious and I can rest happily knowing that they are getting their vitamins and minerals!!

(I bought the Seaveg online here: they weren’t particularly expensive, and can be used in place of, or with, herbs and salt. Check out the website: seaweeds are SO GOOD for you! And while you are at it, check out Prannie Rhatigan, Seaweed Queen, and author of a superb seaweed book)